Global Supply Chain Data

Inferess supply chain data allows you to process complex networks of customer-supplier relationships and use the insights to guide your investment strategies.
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The most complete network of economic flows between companies available today.

Superior Data

Supply chain intelligence can demystify the money flows between companies and the entities they interact with, but only if the data is complete and accurate.

Seamless Delivery

Before Inferess, complete supply chain intelligence was painstaking to acquire. Now, Inferess automates the process using human and computerized processing to deliver direct and reverse relationship data effortlessly.

Powerful Estimation

Any missing values in the supply chain data are estimated using Inferess' one-of-a-kind, patented estimation algorithms to get a clear picture of transactions between entities.

Trusted Sources

By gathering information from publicly available resources, Inferess makes it possible for you to source the information down to the letter, with a single click.

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How do you start? Easy.


Get a data sample

We’ve created data samples consisting of sections of our entire database in TSV format. If you are not sure whether Inferess is right for you, you can quickly see for yourself.


Chat with us

Once you see the value of Inferess, you can book a call to discuss your needs, how Inferess can meet them, and sign you up for a 30-day trial.


Integrate your data

With full access, you can download the latest data and receive automatic updates via Secure FTP. If you get stuck, our detailed guides will help you finish the job.

Supply Chain Analytics

Put your data to work with our Supply Chain Analytics

By combining Inferess’ automated data feed and analytics technology we can deliver unprecedented insights that would have required an army of human analysts to decode and understand in the past.

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