Supply Chain Analytics

By combining our automated data feed and analytics we can deliver unique insights that would have required an army of human analysts to decode and understand in the past.
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Make supply-chain analytics your competitive advantage

Powerful Analysis

Inferess’ Supply Chain Analytics was designed to do the work of 100s of analysts and apply network analysis techniques to the wealth of supply chain data it can acquire.

Priceless Insight

Using analysis tools invented by social networking and internet search applications, Inferess can quantify a company's position in the economy, the strength of connections they have with others, and analyze the economy over the long term.

Profitable Action

With this intelligence, you can assess risks, spot opportunities, and understand how market events may affect your portfolio with greater accuracy than ever before.

How do you start? Easy.


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We’ve created data samples consisting of sections of our entire database in TSV format. If you are not sure whether Inferess is right for you, you can quickly see for yourself.


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Once you see the value of Inferess, you can book a call to discuss your needs, how Inferess can meet them, and sign you up for a 30-day trial.


Integrate your data

With full access, you can download the latest data and receive automatic updates via Secure FTP. If you get stuck, our detailed guides will help you finish the job.

supply chain data feed

Global Supply Chain Data

Get a transparent view of multitier supply chains

When you need to know the relationship between companies, customers, suppliers, and how events may affect the performance of connected companies, Inferess’ automated intelligence gathering is your best bet.

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