Unlocking insights into the global supply chain

Inferess is an AI company with a singular focus on delivering you the data that clearly represents economic interactions between companies, customers, and suppliers.
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Who We Are

At Inferess, we want to solve the biggest problem in investing: everyone is guessing.

Analysts need to know supply chain relationships between companies, how to use this information, and where to source it from. Asset managers need to identify their portfolio risk and determine where to allocate resources in order to gain excess returns. Investors need to know which companies and sectors are growing the quickest, and where companies are really spending their capital.

In business, we need data to make informed decisions. Inferess provides the most actionable supply-chain insights in the industry. We aim to make this data available to as many people as possible.

Our mission

Inferess has a single focus on delivering unparalleled insights into economic relationships between companies.

Our essence

At our core, Inferess operates on Curiosity, Collaboration, People, & Impact.

Our promise

We deliver accurate and complete information, insights, and advice to our audience of smart, curious, passionate investors, at a fair and reasonable price.

Our vibe

At Inferess, we marry the problem,  not the solution. We plan it and then do it—together—every day reinventing what's possible.

Our Approach

Our approach is rooted in machine learning techniques, natural language processing, graph theory, and statistical inference and implemented by a team of researchers with backgrounds ranging from computer science to financial markets.

We gather and clean vast, rich datasets. Not only financial data but anything that might help us to understand how relationships between companies evolve. We synthesize these relationships into a huge network and using a continual deluge of inputs we unlock hidden insights and also estimate the unknowns.

Using statistical modeling, pattern recognition, and machine learning techniques, we tease out subtle predictive insights from this network and deliver these insights to investment management firms to help invest and grow the money people are saving for their future.

Our Data

Our supply chain data has everything you need to create a smarter investment strategy the generates Alpha, discover new investment opportunities, and improves ROI.

Supply Chain Data

Supply Chain Data

When you need to know the relationship between companies, customers, suppliers, and how events may affect the performance of connected companies, Inferess’ automated intelligence gathering is your best bet.

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Supply Chain Analytics

Supply Chain Analytics

By combining Inferess’ automated data feed and analytics technology we can deliver unprecedented insights that would have required an army of human analysts to decode and understand in the past.

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