Inferess News Analytics

Inferess News Analytics allows you to process textual news into your data driven investment workflows.
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The most accurate analysis of news available today.

Superior Data

Inferess News Analytics accurately turns global news into machine readable data. We do things differently than our competitors, and we're proud to show you why we think it's better for your business.

Trusted Sources

We gather news from growing list of reputable publishers and score and classify it from the perspective of a long investor to derive most accurate numeric and categorical attributes for quantitative analysis

Custom Views

We’ve derived a full complement of useful news analytics to give you full control over how your investment strategies are augmented by the news. Focus on special scenarios or utilize the full feed. We also use Trade Secrets to derive analytics by analyzing voice, tone, summary and impact of the news.

Useful Analytics

Key data fields include sentiment, company relevance and story novelty scores together with market-moving event labels. Story metadata includes millisecond level timestamps, company identifiers, geo, exchange and sector codes.

How do you start? Easy.


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We’ve created data samples consisting of sections of our entire database in TSV format. If you are not sure whether Inferess is right for you, you can quickly see for yourself.


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Once you see the value of Inferess, you can book a call to discuss your needs, how Inferess can meet them, and sign you up for a 30-day trial.


Integrate your data

With full access, you can download the latest data and receive automatic updates via Secure FTP. If you get stuck, our detailed guides will help you finish the job.

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