Maximize your investment intelligence with Inferess.

Investigate the relationship between companies, suppliers, and customers in more detail than ever before.
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Amplify your ROI with supply-chain intelligence.

Our supply chain intelligence is proven to provide accurate estimates and forecasting. It has everything you need to create a smarter investment strategy that generates Alpha, discover new investment opportunities, and improves ROI.

Supply Chain Data

Supply Chain Data

When you need to know the relationship between companies, customers, suppliers, and how events may affect the performance of connected companies, Inferess’ automated intelligence gathering is your best bet.

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Supply Chain Analytics

Supply Chain Analytics

By combining Inferess’ automated data feed and analytics technology we can deliver unprecedented insights that would have required an army of human analysts to decode and understand in the past.

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From a trusted source

The world’s leading asset management firms use Inferess’ because it is the most complete network of economic supply chain flows available today.

Success story

“Inferess’ dataset is an integral part of our investing workflow. We rely on it for using it in our research and trading applications every day.”

Leading investment management firm

Do not fall behind

Supply chain intelligence is no longer an optional investment resource. Today, it is the differentiator between the top firms and those they outperform. If you want to thrive now and in the future, Inferess is your best bet.

Inferess uses patented technology to provide supply chain intelligence that was previously impossible.

See The Big Picture

Gaps in data are like missing pieces in a puzzle that can hide the full economic picture. Inferess gives you those missing pieces so you can see the forest for the trees.

Find Opportunities & Risk

Whether you are searching for opportunities or risks, Inferess makes it easier with broader forecasting and enhanced risk metrics.

Make Smarter Decisions

Investment intelligence is what separates exceptional investors from ordinary ones. With Inferess, the power will be in your hands.

What's special about Inferess?

Innovative features. Powerful results

Data when you need it

Our competitors manually collect data, which slows delivery. Inferess uses natural language processing to scan trusted sources and deliver your data in milliseconds.

Quality you can depend on

Accuracy is everything to you and to us. That's why Inferess only pulls data from trusted sources, such as company filings or press releases, and provides sources for all information.

Insights you need to succeed

Analytics improve decision making. Inferess is the only solution that provides insights on relationship strength, measure customer and supplier-based performance, and predict network effects.

Companies at your fingertips

More data means more opportunities. Inferess provides investors with access to 38,000+ companies, with standard stock market identifiers for quick access and analysis.

History you can bank on

Time is what gives data its value. Inferess provides up-to-date information on all companies listed, as well as a 5-year history ideal for modeling and predictions.

Money flows like never before

Missing data means added risk. Inferess uses a patented algorithm to accurately estimate missing financials that can be used to form groups, measure momentum or propagate network signals.

How do you start? Easy.


Get a data sample

We’ve created data samples consisting of sections of our entire database in TSV format. If you are not sure whether Inferess is right for you, you can quickly see for yourself.


Chat with us

Once you see the value of Inferess, you can book a call to discuss your needs, how Inferess can meet them, and sign you up for a 30-day trial.


Integrate your data

With full access, you can download the latest data and receive automatic updates via Secure FTP. If you get stuck, our detailed guides will help you finish the job.

Supply Chain Analytics

Put your data to work with our supply chain analytics

By combining Inferess’ automated data feed and analytics technology we can deliver unprecedented insights that would have required an army of human analysts to decode and understand in the past.

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