Inferess Quantified News

Data for alpha generation and risk management

News transformed into a feed of highly structured machine readable indicators plugging into investment strategies and risk models delivering both unpredictable and scheduled events.

Real-time insights into the events impacting global economy. We gather news from growing list of reputable publishers and score and classify it from the perspective of a long investor to derive numeric and categorical attributes for quantitative analysis. Select a news source, sector, region or list of companies to automatically receive a filtered view of data.


We’ve derived a full complement of useful news analytics to give you full control over how your investment strategies are augmented by the news. Focus on special scenarios or utilize the full feed.

Key data fields include sentiment, company relevance and story novelty scores together with market-moving event labels. Story metadata includes millisecond level timestamps, company identifiers, geo, exchange and sector codes.

Historical data is available for evaluation on request.


Data is provided in variety of formats suitable for the individual needs. We provide adapters for third party statistical software including R, Python, MATLAB and Julia to take the pain out of importing data.

Data is delivered via SFTP, API or realtime feed.

We love to learn from our customers. Contact us with your questions today.

Global Economic Map

Data along with tools and analytics

Economic flow between companies as a fully characterized network for solutions across Investing, Wealth Management, Trading and Institutional Research

Uncover the hidden interdependencies across the global economic network between companies to more accurately model investment strategies, corporate supply chain events, M&A opportunities, systemic risks and antitrust concerns.


The network is built from a wide variety of sources including regulatory disclosures and financial news. Our algorithms extract relationship facts from these many sources and create a unified, point-in-time view of the relationship map tying companies together through economic flows. Our algorithms deploy a patented estimation progress inferring missing economic links from the available evidence.


The fully characterized network enables new types of analysis that unlocks analytics that reveal remote and hidden influences for each company.

Systematic risk analysis and making business decisions on lagging information flows is supported by clean analytics as never before.

The economic map is available with historical archives for backtesting. Please enquire.


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